Dave Hodgkinson

East Greenwich, RI
Italy, Europe, LGBT, Ski, Safari,Group Travel

My career began with organizing ski groups to destinations throughout the US, Canada and Europe. I have organized groups as large as 110 to ski the Alps, ski buses to various Eastern US and Canadian resorts, and groups to Western US and Canadian r...
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Certified Active & Adventure Specialist

Skiing is my passion!
Skiing is my passion!

Now's the time to disconnect from the devices that dominate your daily life. Let me provide some inspirational travel ideas labeled "Adventure Travel" that can range from very serene to very extreme. Adventure is a personal thing and everyone defines it for themselves whether it is physical, cultural or environmental. It probably pushes your comfort levels. It may challenge you to do things you haven't done before. It may invite you to be spontaneous and resourceful. There are a whole range of choices.

I'm an avid skier, a hiker, a biker, a foodie and more. What's your adventure? It might be whitewater rafting; skiing Europe's highest peak; hiking in the Mexican jungle; hiking in the Berkshires; a vineyard and wine tasting tour in Tuscany; biking the back roads of Italy; a cultural experience in the Dominican Republic or perhaps Thailand; an African safari; biking around Amsterdam; horseback riding in the old west; zip-lining in Costa Rica - and the list goes on.

Do you want to experience history, culture, cuisine, wildlife, beauty in a new environment? Do you want to explore the unspoiled, exotic parts of our planet and an inner world of personal challenge, self-perception and inner mastery? Do you enjoy traveling with families, groups, couples or solo? Are you interested in active travel at your own pace that might include sailing, camping, cycling, trekking, diving, rafting, hiking, multisport adventures, snow adventures, culinary adventures and more?

If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!

Are you ready for a change?


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  • Active & Adventure Specialist Certification

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